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   Model details for sale to Architects, Diorama and Model Builders                                                         

                         ALL items displayed are made by Les Lewis in the USA 
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Bio I am a long term model railroader having created  over the years both a
small and large HO layouts. A small N scale layout, A small O scale Traction
layout. A small shelf layout, O scale layout.  Currently over the past 21 years
I have focused on creating a large O scale layout and integrated traction layout.

My interest are primarily in scratch building both structures , railroad and
traction equipment , as opposed to operations. The layouts have been featured in
both Model Railroader and O Gauge Railroader several times.

I am happy to share both my techniques and work with other modelers. Thus this
website contains components I have created for my layout and can now offer for sale
along with some project  articles on how I did it. My objective is to recover to some
extent the material cost but not the labor time I invested in creating a component,
and to encourage more modelers to attempt scratch building.

I hope you enjoy viewing this site and pass the word and URL along to your fellow  model
railroaders and friends who have a similar interest.


            We have three basic product lines -
             1-    Resin castings in the following categories  { 214} items 
 Windows                  Doors    (10)             Steps   (20)   

                            Exterior details,    Interior Details  (37)      Street details.  (13)                 

                                  Make it yourself items    Cornices and cornice components 

          2-        ready to install  {2}
Marley #10 Water Cooling tower
                                  Wall Mounted Exhaust Stack


            3-   Cardstock Modular Building Drawings    All in O, S, HO scales
                               These are line drawings I made of actual buildings, fully colored on
                                matt card stock. I tried to capture in scale the architecture of the building
                                and the purpose of the structure.

                                      If the drawing you want is not shown in the scale you want please call 203-226-2798
                              16 different industrial and railroad architectures (steam era)
11 different commercial building fronts
                                                We also have additional buildings not posted on the web.
                                                Please call after 10am Eastern time to discuss your needs.  203-226-2798

                              Why use our Modular Building Drawing?  script


                Lastly on this web site I have included   
   Photos and narrative of scratch built projects
I have recently created  for my trolley and railroad  layouts. 

                   I plan to include a photo page of my O scale traction layout and railroad layout

                    The following construction project articles

                            New Haven CT City Hall  {Gothic dated pre 1900's}  
                            My Uncle Joe's print shop {Front based on early 1900's photo} 
                            Brick RR switch tower (SOO Line)
                            Adding interior details to Wayside furniture factory

                            Adding  interior details to an urban retail/residential building  
                            Row of commercial stores  {South Norwalk CT. }

                                   Comments appreciated 
: wsptmdlwks@gmail.com    phone : 203-226-2798

                      If ordering by mail (paying by check or money order) please print and enclose
                     order form and enclose CT sales tax if mailed to a CT address.

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