Westport Model Works  (since 1997)  6



   Model details for sale to Architects, Diorama and Model Builders                                                       

                         ALL items displayed are made by Les Lewis in the USA 
              Contacts : New Email= WMW8456rr@gmail.com  Phone= 203-226-2798  

I will shortly be displaying additional resin castings  on my web site.
Due to a lack of space I am temporarily removing all my Modular Building
drawings items.  If you require any please contact me by phone or email
and I will be happy to assist you. Thank you in advance for your understanding.



            We have two basic product lines -
             1-    Resin castings in the following categories  { 21} items       

                            Windows                 Doors    (10)             Steps   (20)   

                            Exterior details        Interior Details       Street details-4.  (9)  New additions 8/1/2016               

                                  Make it yourself items    Cornices and cornice components 

          2-        ready to install  {2}
Marley #10 Water Cooling tower
                                  Wall Mounted Exhaust Stack




                Lastly on this web site I plan to included   
   Photos and narrative of scratch built projects
I have recently created  for my trolley and railroad  layouts. 

                    The following construction project articles

                            New Haven CT City Hall                          {Gothic dated pre 1900's}  
                            My Uncle Joe's print shop Front based on early 1900's photo} 
                            Brick RR switch tower (SOO Line)
                            Adding interior details to Wayside furniture factory

                            Adding  interior details to an urban retail/residential building  
                            Row of commercial stores  {South Norwalk CT. }

                                   Comments appreciated 
: WMW8456rr@gmail.com    phone : 203-226-2798

                      If ordering by mail (paying by check or money order) please print order form